Jean-Noël Rivasseau

CTO / Founder at Kameleoon. Entrepreneur and expert software engineer.

Some words about my family

I am married to Marina Trubina, a lovely girl from Omsk, Siberia. Marina is currently studying Law in France and hopes to find work soon.

My parents are currently living in Villebon, which is a very nice little town (10 000 people) in the suburbs of Paris (25 km south of Paris). It is close to Orsay where is located a well-known (in France, anyway) university. We have lived there since I was 2, so I am very attached to our house!

My father, Vincent Rivasseau, is a researcher and professor in Mathematical Physics. For me that just means physics with a lot of strange mathematical formulas with lots of integrals and the like. I have always hated physics in school as a result. He is now a Professor at University Paris XI, Orsay.

I would gladly tell you more about my mother but I know she would be angry with it, since she wants to remain completely anonymous on the Web. So far she has succeeded: a Google search for her name and first name doesn't turn any results... Pretty impressive, actually!

I have one brother Christian, and one sister Marie. They both are younger as I'm the first child in the family! Christian is 2 years younger than me and also studied at Ecole Polytechnique, the same engineering school I attended. He is working as a software engineer at Cap Gemini. Marie is 6 years younger and is finishing a Master of political sciences at Sciences-Politiques, Grenoble.

For you, dear visitor of my webpage, probably what would be of interest is some photos of my family. I hope to put some maybe one day, in the Photos section. For now that's all.