Jean-Noël Rivasseau

CTO / Founder at Kameleoon. Entrepreneur and expert software engineer.

My resume, and other things relevant to potential employers

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Should any recruiter be interested in contacting me about a job offer, please write me via e-mail at E-Mail. I will also gladly answer any question you may have about myself as a future business partner.

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As founder of a startup, my main goal is to grow our business in the web intelligence field: website conversion optimization and A/B testing. I am looking for customers, as well as commercial and technical partnerships to strengthen and expand our expertise in this key market.

My skills in management and business development are strong through my entrepreneurial experience. From a technical point of view, my responsibilities as the lead programmer / CTO of Kameleoon allowed me to master all the pieces of Web infrastructure. My specialties are free software systems, complex web enterprise systems - especially Java JEE architecture - and rich Web applications using JavaScript.


I am interested in positions around the following areas: Paris, France; Geneva, Switzerland; Vancouver, Canada; and Moscow, Russia. I may also be available for telecommute / remote positions, depending on the specifics.


1998: Baccalauréat.

1998-2000: France's Classes préparatoires cursus, filière MP (Mathématiques Supérieures et Spéciales), at Lycée Blaise Pascal (Orsay) then at Lycée Saint-Louis (Paris).

2000: Admitted to Ecole Polytechnique.

2000-2003: Studies at Ecole Polytechnique. Major in Computer Science.

2003-2005: Graduate student in the Department of Computer Science, University of British Columbia (UBC). Research and thesis in Artificial Intelligence (probabilistic graphical models).

April 2005: Obtained Ecole Polytechnique final degree.

October 2005: Graduated from UBC with a Msc. degree in Computer Science.

Work Experience
February 2008 - Present: CTO and founder of Kameleoon, a startup currently present in 6 countries with around 200 employees. Kameleoon is a fully-featured CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) platform. With this solution, our customers can easily implement A/B testing or personalization campaigns, either on the front-end or the back-end. Return on Investment is very strong.
Being the director of a startup is an unique and extremely intense experience. The responsibilities are enormous in all fields: management, business development, R\&D and technical development, financial management, partnerships, fundraising and grant applications, legal issues

January 2007 - February 2008: Senior Software Engineer at FastBooking, Paris, France. I was part of an R&D team of about 5 persons. I maintained the company servers and mission-critical online applications in an 100% open-source environment (LAMP stack mainly). I also took part in the development of entire websites, dedicated to the promotion of hotels using our company booking systems. For example, the site was developed in our team in only 3 monthes - I took a large part in its architectural design and actual coding.

October 2005 - January 2007: Software Development Engineer at Oberthur Card Systems, Paris, France. I developed a complete smart card personalization system, handling everything from the banks input files to cryptography and actual electric personalization. I worked with several teams in order to bring the product to our clients: R&D teams (during development of the mask software), personalization software development teams, and finally production teams in order to deploy the software in the factories.
At Oberthur CS, development methodology was guided by the concepts of extreme programming and meta-programming.

Languages: I speak English, French and Russian fluently.

Computer Languages and Skills: I have very strong skills in object-oriented programming (Java, Groovy, Python, PHP, C++) and web (or other client-server) technologies: JEE, Ajax, SQL, JavaScript, XML / DOM, XSLT, (X)HTML, CSS...

Frameworks and Libraries: I use a lot of libraries and am specially experienced in web application frameworks. Here is a list of frameworks I know: Spring (MVC), Grails, Hibernate (ORM), JEE Servlets, Compass, Lucene, Qooxdoo, jQuery, Google Web Toolkit (GWT), XUL / XPCOM, Boost, Qt, Sitemesh, Smarty...

Web Services: I am familiar with web services and how to implement them (REST, SOAP, etc). Some particular web services I have worked with: Google Analytics, Xiti, Adobe Omniture, Google Maps, PayPal.

Experience of a wide range of developer tools and server software under different environments:
  • OS and core tools: UNIX (Linux, Mac OS X), Bash, ssh.
  • Development tools: Eclipse, gcc, javac, GDB, Ant, Gant, make, Git, Subversion.
  • Server software: Apache httpd, lighttpd, nginx, Tomcat, Jetty, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Postfix, cfengine, iptables, vsftpd.
  • Other: Gimp (with advanced scripting knowledge), LaTeX.
Expert / Specialized knowledge: My current focus is on web intelligence and revenue optimization. Traffic is good, conversion is better - you will get a much better ROI by spending on conversion optimization. I know perfectly everything that revolves around A/B testing.
I am also an expert in the following fields: probabilistic machine learning and graphical models, computational statistics and Monte Carlo methods, Web Crawling (using Heritrix), full-text search techniques (Solr, Lucene), and large-scale / clustered systems (Hadoop, MapReduce).
Finally, I am a Gentoo Linux developer (Java team).